Lloyd Meredith Talks the Tale of Two Sisters

Lloyd Meredith plays a contrasting character to sisters Bethan and Sian who are on two opposite sides of the spectrum. Meredith recounts moments in the film and social efforts that sounds the influence he has on the two sisters.

ATM: How is sisterhood portrayed in this film called Sisters?

LM: Two sisters have been dragged all their lives in the social care system. Bethan turns 18, the social system puts her out. She takes her sister and runs away. They have an unfortunate background with no support system or people to help them.  We see them go through very dark times. Especially at the end of the movie. Beth, the oldest one makes sacrifices to ensure Sian has a roof over her head and food. These sacrifices usually tear people apart, but in this situation, it brings them together. It is more in Bethan being a guardian to Sian. She is young and does not understand anything out the social system. She is being guided by Bethan. The movie really looks at a relationship with two people who can evolve.

ATM: How does your character influence these characters?

LM: They start to rely on a group of young men after leaving the social care system. These are not your typical young friendly men. They are troubled and dangerous young men. They are very much involved in drugs, illegal things for money, and alcohol. They follow along with these three young men and start to live with them. They are constantly centered around drugs and alcohol. My role is kind of comedic, but this is a very dark and gritty film. There are elements of dark humor, which sheds light on what is going on. It is a hard-hitting movie. 

ATM: Does humor make the girl’s situation better?

LM: It does not help it. I am friends would someone who is also into drugs. They argue about the ridiculous things, which is where the humor comes from. These relationships are dark and not something the two sisters want to be a part of. They realize there are no other options.  

ATM: What does this film say about a man’s influence on a woman who has not found their identity yet?

LM: There is a relationship that starts with Beth and another character Jordan. He is an evil character and the other characters, including mine, find him difficult. This is a forced relationship. Everyone knows if she stays in this relationship that Sian will have food. Bethan is almost sacrificing herself for her sister. She cannot leave because she is a danger. There is an element of danger that you see. He sees this and has everything they do not have. He gives them little by little to keep them there.

ATM: Was this risk worth it?

LM: She is 18 years old and very young. She has not had a childhood. Sian is nine. Beth gives her things, so she can have this. She does fall into a trap with a group of people. I do not think that is worth it. It is more of what she can do at this time. They do leave. We see the reaction of these young men. The story continues and it’s not something that is seen as being worth it. She is doing the best for her sister at this stime.

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