Martin Santander Talks CAFE CON LECHE

ATM: What true and false tendencies are seen in your hometown that is displayed in this movie?

MS: Well, the true tendencies presented in Café Con Leche are the big volume of immigrants that I see in my town and the number of people with great family values looking for a better living. The false perspective I would say is that not all immigrants are criminals.

ATM: How does this film show the tender, soft and loving side to Franco?

MS: Franco is a character that was raised away from his real family. This makes him turn into a lone and rebellious person throughout his life. Later on, he is unexpectedly reunited with his family as an adult, so his soft side comes from his connection to his newfound mother, his younger brother with whom he just reunited with and his niece who he did not know he had until this reunion happened. His loving side also comes out when he felt he lost the woman he loves. 

ATM: Any negative aspects of a family the film show?

MS:  For me, family has no negative side in any way, yet sometimes power, money and greed can affect the more solid relationships within it. These are the elements that cause the conflict within the family in the film.

ATM: How do you perform when all odds are against you?

MS: I struggle a lot in my personal life, so when the odds are not in my favor the best of Martin comes out. I try to make the best with what is given to me to work with, without expecting anything in return.

ATM: How does the socialization in Cordoba, Argentina show similarities in the socialization in this film?

MS: I left my hometown many years ago and left many friends behind when I left. Córdoba is like any other town in South America. It has good and bad people.

ATM: How does female and female communication influence communication with the males in this film?

MS: I think the script of Café con Leche is a strong piece of work that makes the females characters of the film strong and independent women. They are the key and light of this film.

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