Camera Store Commercial Speaking Roles Casting Call

Angela Boehm Casting is now seeking talent to work on an upcoming Dodd Camera commercial filming in Cleveland, Ohio. Filming will shoot on April 12th or 15th with auditions taking place on Friday, April 5th. Producers are casting the following roles:

  1. Customer—male or female—any ethnicity—mid-20’s
  2. Dodd Employee—male or female—any ethnicity—mid 20’s

Talents will be compensated $500/day.

Customer—male or female—any ethnicity—mid-20’s
Dodd Employee—male or female—any ethnicity—mid 20’s

Breakdown: A Dodd employee walks in and hands him an upgraded camera setup and as the customer lines up his next shot the background changes out to a different scene.
This repeats with new ‘upgrades’ in equipment and scene changes till the final setup where the background falls away to reveal a professional photo studio and a model waiting to be shot with personnel assisting for the shoot. The customer (now pro photographer) walks away from camera to conduct his/her shoot.

To Submit please email with the following information:

Subject: Dodd

Body: Include First and Last name, Location where you reside, Phone number and Agent if you have representation. Please include 2-3 photos of just yourself one must be a headshot with your current color and style of hair.

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