Actress Jade Elysan Talks Recent Project & Learning Perspectives

ATM: You sound very energetic.

JE: This is about half of how I normally sound. I feel tired right now. Congrats on your writing. It is awesome. Do I need to sit down? I typically walk around my house

ATM: Do whatever makes you comfortable? What you walk around your house?

JE: Yes, when I am on the phone.

ATM: You do you work while standing.

JE: Yes, there was a time in my life when I did makeup. I was always standing. Even when I am home on the computer, I am standing.

ATM: Same. The chair can be right in front of me, and I still stand.

JE: Yes. You feel the blood moving through your body more.

ATM: you do not think about it until a couple of hours later that the chair is there.

JE: The times I visit my parents. They will say, “Come sit down.” I say I just feel like standing.

ATM: “Can I just be different and stand.”

JE: I feel I am more attentive this way.

ATM: I am a stander. You are a stander. We are all standers.

JE: This may happen in the conversation.

ATM: Be yourself.

JE: Thanks.

ATM: What is your perspective on how the media and society may regulate their awareness or voice of people who are stereotyped with a disability?

JE: My second cousin is autistic. She cannot speak, but she communicates in different ways. She draws. There are all different types of communication. It is just about perception and opening up. We either move toward coming closer or separation. Intertwining on paths makes us stronger together and for the future generation. This even goes back to generations before us; I wish that everybody invested the marred of different learning ways. I do not think we should call it a disability. They have disabilities to do other things. My boo is dyslexic. A lot of the greatest world supers, authors, and athletes are dyslexic. It makes it sound like something is wrong.

Their ability to see things completely different. If there had been a school vs. the standard school of textbooks – there are people who learn by actual means. Some people learn by the ability to interact with being talked about. From the beginning, this is what it is. The basis of society sees this in a certain way. Because there is a smaller percentage, we do not have to make much effort to help them. Even if it is one school, with only two kids, let’s make the means for them to develop and grow rather than make them feel it is something wrong with them their whole lives. Maybe people with “disabilities” do not feel this way depending on the level of autism you have. Maybe some people with dyslexia did not see it this way. People learn differently. I wished there was more opportunity. If money were split better in the beginning, then people would have stronger security with who they are. Everybody would embrace who they are. Rather than feeling different or that something is wrong with them.

ATM: It should not be a disability. People have different learning. There are three forms of learning seen as kinetic, visual, and audio learning. Learning today in education with schools is based on one way. What if you are that kid who learns through sound and not visually. Maybe you learn with all three. This makes a person feel as there is no room for them. It should not be a degenerate name attached to someone or stereotyped with having an issue. To be honest, everyone has something. It might not be as visible as the other. Some people have the resources and find ways to hide it more than others. We are all human.

JE: This is important. You are bringing awareness to people. We forget this in our busy lives that everyone has something. And that this is okay. Some people like to air it out. I prefer more comedy. Some people tell me to do stand up. I like sarcasm, but I do not like hanging out there. Sometimes people think I am so happy. It was probably good that I did a session before talking to you. I am a lot calmer. In terms of airing it out, comedians are so freaking hilarious. Jo Koy is so hilarious. I am half Filipino, and he is. He is so brilliant in terms of storytelling – in not needing to bash people, curse all the time, or make sexual jokes. Most comedians like to curse, bash certain real-world things going on, and talk about sex. People love laughing from a place of authenticity. His stories seem to be talking about myself.

ATM: See you have a different way of learning. People should not enforce a type of learning on people who decide to learn differently. I do not think an F student is stupid. In our society, when you get a D, F, you are deemed stupid, failure, assumed to grew up a low life. Told you should get jobs that are low on the totem pole. Told you could not amount to nothing. Told you are not good enough. This is through teachers with students. Teachers on purpose and without knowing favor the students who make A’s and treat students with F’s with disgust. This needs to stop. Just think.

The historical people who created the math made it through their thinking. It was made through their consciousness. So, education is just enforcing someone else’s consciousness onto others. If you do not understand the consciousness, then you are deemed stupid. So, an F student is just a student who cannot tap into Einstein’s consciousness. Einstein was in a super consciousness probably when he crafted the math. This might have been why we could not understand it until decades later. Not all will get to tap into this type of consciousness.

But the schools forcefully dictate this one conscious way. In the form of detention, tutoring, summer school, and holding kids back. This math could have been an outlet for Einstein. He would probably be baffled that it is even being taught. So, you mean to tell me if I do not tap fully into their consciousness, then I do not get a degree, or pass a class. If someone does not understand my question, then I am not going to give them an F. This is how schools operate. Not fair.

JE: I do not think there is anything wrong with D’s and F’s. I thought History was psychology. If you did good in History, then it would probably because you had a good teacher. My History teacher was boring. I had one who fell asleep on himself. This was the class I got a D in. I was like really? You fell asleep in class. My parents were like you got a D. They shrugged their shoulders. It is not as important as math and science.

ATM: Just because you do not understand Calculus or the Pythagorean Theorem you are not stupid. Again, this is their consciousness. We should not have an education system that forces you to get their consciousness. It is okay.

JE: People need to understand that it is someone’s consciousness, and also inflicting your own consciousness to this. This perpetuates you to expect future events and make choices that come to you to make people think you are stupid. It is always your consciousness and your perception. I am currently writing a sitcom with other women. I said I wanted to do an episode of perspectives. They said we all have different perspectives. Yesterday, I was in class with this kid. He had to be five or six years younger than me. He goes, “I would love to take you out for coffee.” I was like, oh my God, he wants to take me out on a date. But he was not asking me anything. He wanted to pick my brain because he saw my resume. He was like, “I just moved here. I would like to know how to figure this all out.” I told my girlfriends who are going to be playing in the series.

ATM: Not all cultures and societies go by the same grading system. There should be a grading scale that fits out people. There should not be separate schools that are for people who learn slower or differently than the dominant learning perspective. This is learning segregation. All people should be able to learn effectively. It should level out as plain field for everyone.

JE: It would be fun if there were a shape system instead of a grading system. There would be triangles, squares, hexagons, and circles. There would be different ways to look at it. There would be more celebration of each thing. Despite the shape or size, you are, you are still being embraced. You are being celebrated. Everyone knows they are enough. Children should know how much they are adored, loved. There is a shift to this in younger adult parents now. You see a lot more love. Kids want to be involved in their PTA teaching. Look at your beautiful spirit with having the voice to share this. You are going to absorb so many people in a positive way. Spirituality and my connection with myself are important.  Grades do not define you just like the color of your skin does not define you. Your hair color does not define you. How you grew up does not define you.

It is also nice to visualize materialistic things. And, a world of people working together vs. pushing each other about our differences. We should embrace these differences and work in unisons. This would benefit both parties. This is what I feel is happening in the world. It might take 60 years, 100 years, or 1000 years. The world is moving toward a movie humongous collective. I feel there is a light shining with anyone. If we could all be so bright, then we can open. You were lovely to speak with.

 End of Part 1

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