NBC’s The Village Look at Adulthood with Actor Jerod Haynes

ATM: The Village showcases adults in a different way than what we see. Adults are usually seen as perfect and having all the answers. However, on this show, this is not the case. We see adults struggle and when they do not always have the correct answers. Sometimes they are searching to find the answers.

JH: You are right. You also have to humble yourself. Age and wisdom come into two different packages. Age does not mean you are wise. The wise ones understand they do not know it all. You need help when you hurt. You need guidance. We all have something in common. This is black, white, any other race when there is pain, loss, fear, and insecurity. We can help each other to overcome these things. The Village is a necessity. The show is an example of this. It is a bunch of people realizing we might not have it all. We will figure it out together. We want to show that it is okay to be like this. We feel so isolated from each other. It is like you have to get yours. It is impossible. The better way is to do it with a village, but not selfishness. It is all about service.

ATM: There is a lot of competition out here. But you can still be . . .

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JH: An olive branch to each other. Gabrielle, like you, who knows where we will be in the next five to ten years. God willing, we would be both elevated in our respected crafts. This is how you build relationships. You do not know who I know, and I do not know who you know. You cannot be closed off to these opportunities. In the world today, we are promoting selfishness and arrogance. It is not the time to do it. There is a lot of envious and it is toxic right now. The show is about that it is okay to say you need help. It is okay to check on yourself, family, and friends.

ATM: Right now, if you are the grass that sticks in a field, then people are going to compete with you to put the grass down or to just cut it from the field. The jealous and the envious have more been unleashed. People are trying to be in competition with one another when they never joined the race. It is like how are you going to run in this Olympics with me when you did not get a number or a name tag.

JH: We can try to the opposite as individuals and try not to get caught up in the race. Run your own race. With me, I am in the transition of learning more about myself. This is not always pretty. When you look in the mirror there are flaws and there is greatness. It might be a little ugly during the transition period. My friend and I call it ruthless, self-examination. Everyone should take the time to figure out where they are mentally and physically. Then we can be a better service to our neighbor, friends, and family.

ATM: In this series, we see the character having to come back to the drawing board to rediscover themselves before getting into new endeavors.

JH: It takes some time. With your voice, platform, and with a blueprint, you can help spread this love.

ATM: A good quote to describe the show is Oscar Wilde’s saying, “The youth is wasted on the young.” Typically, as a young person, most live it is doing careless things. It is not a bad thing to have fun. You put more energy into relationships. You do not think about adulthood. The youth years can be a period for some to indulge in life-altering lessons. Whereas, there is a select few that use the long-spanned years to educate and develop themselves. At 30, you think back asking yourself why you did not fix a particular situation. By this time, your experience in life has filled in the empty crack of what you do not notice as a young person.

JH: Yes, in hindsight. It is funny because the youth is wasted on the young. Why do you they give youth energy? This is all the things we need now. If we know more, then we can use the energy to change our lives. It is like the onion tree compared to the olive tree. The onion tree dies in weeks. Whereas, the olive tree lasts for a long time. Again, it comes with time. What if? It is one of those things. You cannot go off of what if. You feel invincible when you are young. This plays a part in of it. Discipline is not easy. It comes with time and it is not always handed to you. It is a thing you seek for. When you get 30, 40, 50, you look back and realize what you should have known.