What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are animation pieces utilized to create the illusion of motion. To give you a better understanding, motion graphics is a combination of design and animation – animated graphic design. Motion graphics is all about making the audience feel a certain way about something. Artists utilize texts, typography, and other animation effects to enhance the visual. It is usually used for film, tv commercials, and web content.

In film, motion graphics is typically used for the opening sequence of the movie. The opening credits of Hitchcock’s Psycho is an early example of motion graphics. The gray vertical and horizontal lines swiping across the screen, introducing bold, white text onto a black background provided viewers with an almost eerie feel. Add in the intense string orchestra in the background, and viewers felt chills down their spines.

Courtesy of Art of the Title

Motion Graphics Example

Motion graphics are used in more than just film.  The purpose of motion graphics is to enhance the visual for the audience. They can be used for branding, title sequences, storytelling, creating awareness, and explaining concepts.

Motion Graphics Designers

What exactly do they do? Motion graphics designers are tasked with creating the moving words, logos, numbers and texts on screen. They are the ones responsible for those seemingly minute designs and tasks that makes the film much more enjoyable.  

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