The H Collective Set To Adapt the Ancient Chinese Book “The Classic of Mountains and Seas” Into Epic Feature

The H Collective (THC) will adapt the Chinese classic text and compilation of mythic geography and beasts The Classic of Mountains and Seas into an epic feature, creating an entirely new Universe. Kent Huang, the Chairman of the company and Mark Rau, European Chief will supervise the production. THC recently partnered with the MOVE Network, the world’s leading NFT Platform, and will look to create NFT products utilizing film stills, scripts, posters, and a series of collectible artworks around The Classic of Mountains and Seas as well as other projects and IP from THC.

The Classic of Mountains and Seas, also known as Shan Hai Jing, is largely a fabulous geographical and cultural account of pre-Qin China as well as a collection of Chinese mythology. The book recorded over 40 countries, 550 mountains and 300 waterways along with the geographic and cultural information of the nearby realms. Some of the creatures were also appeared in Warner Bros. fantasy movie franchise, Fantastic Beasts.

The H Collective’s European Chief. Mark Rau said: “We look forward to developing “The Classic of Mountains and Seas” and working with MOVE Network to pursue the greater value of blockchain technology together by incorporating them into the entertainment landscape. New technologies are bringing new opportunities. So we are very looking forward to being part of the changing process of financing and developing Intellectual-Properties. By the amazing new partnership with MOVE Network, we are now able to roll out globally NFTs based on our successful Entertainment IPs.” 

The Classic of Mountains and Seas will follow a group of kids who accidentally fall into a parallel world encountering exotic creatures and people. On their journey to find their way back, they learn the importance of friendship.