Forma Pro Films to Open One of Europe’s Largest LED Unit Studios

Forma Pro Films announced today that they will be opening one of Europe’s largest LED Unit studios in Riga, Latvia in August 2021. The virtual production facility will utilize the latest technological breakthrough in real-time rendering, live camera tracking hardware and LED screens, which enable a completely new way of producing films, TV shows and commercials.

The combination of game engine technology and a photorealistic 3D environment allows for the creation of spatial imagery beyond what is currently attainable in film production. The studio’s background can dynamically update to match camera perspectives in real time, and huge LED panels generate the ideal lighting to replicate natural settings and reflections, allowing for a real-world feel mapped onto a vast array of LED screens.

With a spacious area of 1500 m2 (16,146 sq ft), the site also features in-house lights and grip rentals, a production office, make up/wardrobe rooms, a client lounge, WC, shower rooms, and a smoke extraction system. The benefits of this all-inclusive LED Unit Studio include the opportunity to save money on crew travel & company moves, full control of daylight seasons and weather conditions, and a reduction in COVID-19 production risks, allowing for multiple shoots in a variety of settings and locations to occur on the same day. Riga, Latvia is known for offering some of the lowest production costs in Europe, and the full-service nature of this LED Unit Studio – from VFX to partnerships with Eastern European vendors – will further provide one of the most cost-effective environments for film and television production.

“Our engineers were previously developing virtual sets for ‘The Mandalorian’ and we are happy to bring this technology to international film, TV and commercial productions,” said Max Pavlov, the CEO of LED Unit. “LED Unit will be a custom-built virtual production stage and will become one of the largest European facilities, decked with the latest software and hardware solutions. In-house camera and lighting rental also gives us the opportunity to provide our future partners full-package deals.”

Arriving crews will need proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination, and temperature checks will take place twice a day. They will also need to abide by the precautionary measures specified by the Latvian state to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Thus far, Forma Pro Films has three films and seven commercials lined up for production in their LED Unit studio.

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