TV One Announces Production on New Original Film STALKER w/ Christian Keyes & Meta Golding

TV One has announced that production is underway in Atlanta for its new original movie STALKER, slated to premiere in March 2022. The movie tells the story of an actress that is stalked by a mysterious figure who hides out in her hometown, where she becomes involved with two men, and tries to determine if one is behind what is happening. The film’s stars include Meta Golding (Behind the Movement), Christian Keyes (Saints & Sinners) and Tationna Bosier (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit). The movie explores the glamorous life of well-known Hollywood actress Tanya Moore (Meta Golding), who is suddenly tormented by a stalker. The stalker calls her one night, telling her to search her soul and fix her past. The unexpected call causes Tanya to go to the house she grew up in, where her estranged younger sister Shelly (Tationna Bosier) is living. Visiting his parents’ empty house next door is Tanya’s high school boyfriend Damon (Christian Keyes). Tanya, Shelly, and Damon try to figure out who is tormenting her. There is a slew of suspects. From menacing cop Marcus, Tanya’s tumultuous exes Adam and Steven, to the married teacher Tanya was involved with in high school. Steven is unaware Tanya gave birth to their now nine-year-old son Kai, who is being raised by Tanya’s aunt. The thriller is expected to shock viewers with an unexpected plot twist! The STALKER cast features: 

  • Christian Keyes as Damon
  • Meta Golding as Tanya Moore
  • Tationna Bosier as Shelly

STALKER was produced in accordance with COVID-19 health and wellness guidelines. To ensure the safety of cast and crew, all staff and crew members were tested and screened for symptoms prior to start of production and throughout shooting. A COVID-19 Supervisor was charged with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with safety protocols established for duration of the production process.

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