‘DUNE’ Takes Drop But Remains First While ‘LAST NIGHT IN SOHO’ and ‘ANTLERS’ Finish In Rare Tie

Despite nearing the $300 million mark, “Dune” took a hefty 62% drop in its second weekend, only grossing $15,530,000; bringing its domestic total to $69,401,232. Its worldwide total is now up to $296,401,232; the highest total of Denis Villeneuve’s career.

“Halloween Kills” and “No Time to Die” only grossed $8.5 million and $7,818,525, but “No Time to Die” has passed the $600 million mark worldwide. It’s still over $110 million short of becoming the highest-grossing film to release domestically this year — “F9” is currently sitting at $721,077,945. “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” only made $5,750,000 in its fifth weekend, but is less than $5 million away from reaching $400 million.

The highest-grossing new release was “My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission.” It has already been out in other territories dating back to August and has grossed $29,387,202 internationally but made another $6,403,286 in its domestic debut while only playing in 1,581 theatres (an average of $4,050).

As of this writing, new horror-thrillers “Last Night in Soho” and “Antlers” both debuted at $4,160,000. “Antlers” holds a slight edge as of now, adding another $2.5 million internationally for a total of $6,660,000 while “Last Night in Soho” made $2,296,000. “Antlers” was also playing in 216 fewer theatres, making its per-theatre average a bit higher — $106 to be exact — than “Last Night in Soho.” Perhaps the most surprising part of all of this is that “Last Night in Soho” features a well-known director; Edgar Wright (“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” “Baby Driver”), and a well-known star in Anya Taylor-Joy. The brilliant marketing would have led you to believe it would’ve made more than “Antlers” — which has been stuck in the can for a couple of years — though it does have established stars like Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons.

Thomasin McKenzie stars as Eloise in Edgar Wright’s “Last Night in Soho,” a Focus Features release. Credit: Parisa Taghizadeh / © 2021 Focus Features, LLC

The French Dispatch” expanded from its 55-theatre limited release up to 788 theatres. It grossed $2,759,000 in 788 theatres, an increase of 736.

Ridley Scott’s “The Last Duel” dropped another 73% from last week, only grossing $558,000, and also pulled out of 2,115 theatres in just its third weekend.

On the indie scene, A24’s “The Souvenir: Part II” opened $26,485. For context, its predecessor, 2019’s “The Souvenir” opened to $78,400 in four theatres for an average of $19,600. The sequel made $26,485 in just three theatres, averaging $8,828.

Richard Madden and Gemma Chan in “Eternals.” Credit: NME

All eyes will be on Marvel’s “Eternals,” which is releasing on November 5. The MCU’s latest currently sits at a 60% critics score; the lowest of the MCU and it has been discussed ad nauseam on social media ever since the review embargos dropped this past Sunday. With fans and more critics finally being able to catch it, one would wonder how divided the scores end up being after the opening weekend. Other than “Eternals,” there aren’t any major releases that weekend, though awards-contender “Spencer” and IFC Films’ “The Beta Test” are two smaller movies releasing that can give a nice break from the comic book/tentpole scene.

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