Village Roadshow Pictures and Rivulet Films Partner on Sequel to LAW ABIDING CITIZEN

Tapping into one of the titles from its deep library of successful films, Village Roadshow Pictures (VRP) has partnered with financier/producer Rivulet Films on a feature film sequel to 2009’s Law Abiding Citizen. Rivulet Films’ Rob Paris and Mike Witherill are producing alongside Lucas Foster and screenwriter Kurt Wimmer, who are reprising their creative roles on the sequel, with Foster producing under his Warp Films banner. Gerard Butler and his G-Base partner Alan Siegel will also produce and Village Roadshow Pictures’ Tristen Tuckfield and Jillian Apfelbaum will executive produce on behalf of VRP.

While the storyline on the elevated action thriller is being kept under wraps, the original film directed by F. Gary Gray and starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx grossed more than $130 million at the worldwide box office; centered on assistant district attorney Nick Rice’s (Foxx) pursuit of Clyde Shelton (Butler), a frustrated father who implements an elaborate and twisted plan to bring down the entire judicial system in Philadelphia after a plea bargain sets free the man who murdered his wife and daughter. The film clearly touched the zeitgeist and has a devoted fan base, as evidenced by its recent arrival on Netflix in December where it immediately became one of the top three most viewed films alongside Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds’ Red Notice and Sandra Bullock’s The Unforgivable.

Warp Films’ Lucas Foster said: “I am delighted to partner with Rob, Mike and Village Roadshow Pictures, together with my frequent creative partner Kurt Wimmer, to revisit these great characters and this compelling topic which seems even more relevant today than when we made the original film. We’re going to blow your mind… again.”

Rivulet’s Paris and Witherill said: “The demand for smart, star-driven action thrillers in the marketplace is palpable, and this is one of those rare unexploited franchise opportunities that was too good to pass up.”

Tuckfield and Apfelbaum, VRP’s Executive Vice Presidents, Feature Film, stated, “We’re thrilled to partner with Rivulet on the sequel to Law Abiding Citizen. It’s a title that exemplifies the scope and breadth of the Vine library. Collaborating closely with Kurt and Lucas will lend the creative authenticity necessary to make a film worthy of its predecessor.”

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