1812 Recordings were pleased the release of the original soundtrack Focus Features’ BRIAN AND CHARLES from Academy Award nominated composer Daniel Pemberton.  The film debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, where its tale of Brian – a lonely rural inventor who builds a robot, Charles, to be his friend – won over critics and audiences alike. A unique piece of feelgood cinema, the soundtrack mirrors the movie’s lo-fi aesthetic, utilising dreamy and unusual synthesizer textures alongside quirky upbeat cues. The film released theatrically last week in the US, and fans can now enjoy the soundtrack on all global digital music services.  

The soundtrack album also features a specially commissioned remix of the track “The Workshop of Invention” from legendary electronic artists THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON, which released last week alongside the opening track “Wales, Land of Wonder”.

See the film in theatres now and get the soundtrack here.



  1. Wales, Land of Wonder
  2. The Workshop of Invention
  3. Morning Glory
  4. The Blue Blue Sky
  5. Inspiration in Anything
  6. Birth and Creation
  7. Hello Charles
  8. Fun Times
  9. Land of Sheep
  10. I am Dreaming
  11. Crossed Wires
  12. Very Cheeky
  13. The Lake
  14. Use Your Imagination
  15. Bad People
  16. Brian vs the Bonfire
  17. Cabbage Cannon Chase
  18. Petrescu Power
  19. Brian + Charles
  20. I Want To See It All (Charles Rap)
  21. The Workshop of Invention

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