CHILE ’76, Manuela Martelli’s Political Noir Thriller, Opens May 26 in SF

Set during the early days of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship,Chile ’76builds from quiet character study to gripping suspense thriller as it explores one woman’s precarious flirtation with political engagement. Carmen (Aline Kuppenheim) leads a sheltered upper middle class existence. She heads to her summer house in the off-season to supervise its renovation, while also performing local charitable works through her church. Her husband, children, and grandchildren come back and forth during the winter vacation, bringing reminders of the world beyond. When the family priest asks her to take care of an injured young man he has been sheltering in secret, Carmen is inadvertently drawn into the world of the Chilean political opposition and must face real-world threats she is unprepared to handle, with potentially disastrous consequences for her and her entire family.
CHILE ’76 is now playing in New York at Film at Lincoln Center and IFC Center. Opens May 19 at the Laemmle Royal in Los Angeles, and May 26 at the Roxie Theater.

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