State of the Unity Review

“What’s your New Year’s Resolution?”


The opening words during a heart-warming, breezy documentary detailing the husband-and-wife band, The Bergamot, hit the road to get signatures on their vehicles from every single state in the U.S. Directors/producers/actors Jillian Speece and Nathaniel Hoff give an artistic insight into how their journies venturing across each state came with the citified and bucolic moments, and how there remains beauty inside human relationships to carry forth the unity we desire in a day and age of recklessness and devastation.

Now, we are asked to rewind to 2016, where access to the “American Dream” is suffering from continual conflict due to anger and ignorance toward one another, indirectly impacting the geopolitical and social structure. So, our duo desires to bring back happiness and unify through the obedience of music. The travels bring some beautiful moments of passing along the notes of melody, while also bringing in a breath of consequences from cops pulling them over to equipment stolen to financials imbalances.

It appears that is the intention: roping in the viewer to celebrate the obstacle, the chance to do something for the betterment of us all. Lo and behold, this brings a mellifluous meaning to the documentary and the recognition of the polarizing times. Heck, yours indeed would be one to insist this is a measure that could be more employed in today’s economy, as high-interest rates and instability rear the fear factor back toward us. Speece and Hoff bring eloquent gravitas to their journey, detailing moments as they ride along in their “Unity Car” for the eight arduous months ahead. Even more exciting is the touching theme of preserving our country’s democracy as tensions brew across the seas. Civil unrest is skyrocketing again (for the next election in 2024).

Thus, it leads to a perseverant and enjoyable watch in State of the Unity. A worthwhile 88-minute feature that may bring one closer to unification with themselves and the people around them.

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