The Oyster Shucker Review

The competitive nature of witnessing how folks race against time to crack open oysters is quite tantalizing. Humans are meant to find these delicacies in the water and share them at the dinner table. But, we sometimes overlook how this seafood winds up in our hands to indulge.

In a fun documentary to witness, The Oyster Shucker lives up to the namesake title by showcasing how several talents (Honor Allen, for instance) rapidly shuck their way through the oyster shells and compete across the world with various other individuals. Co-directors Casey Lock and Ross Zuchowski showcase the elaborateness of how these competitors race through opening these shells while also acknowledging the ocean environment’s essence. The “shucking” life is meant for leisure but ends up where the oyster is placed in front.

Respect your product, they say. Lock and Zuchowski anchor much of this documentary on close (to medium shots) of how the seafood becomes cleaned and how people resonate with their narratives of how they grew up in this business. There is also notice of the natural disasters (hurricanes) dismantling the areas, but Honor Allen tries to remain resilient alongside his wife in times of hardship and competitiveness. A neat soundtrack and some well-crafted shots meld it together.

So, maybe it’s time for us to (carefully) pick up a knife and join in on the shucking.

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