New Trailer | TO KILL A TIGER

In a small Indian village, Ranjit wakes up to find that his 13-year-old daughter has not returned from a family wedding. A few hours later, she’s found stumbling home. After being abducted into the woods, she was sexually assaulted by three men. Ranjit goes to the police, and the men are arrested. But Ranjit’s relief is short-lived, as the villagers and their leaders launch a sustained campaign to force the family to drop the charges.

A cinematic documentary, To Kill a Tiger follows Ranjit’s uphill battle to find justice for his child. In India, where a rape is reported every 20 minutes and conviction rates are less than 30 percent, Ranjit’s decision to support his daughter is virtually unheard of. With tremendous access, we witness the emotional journey of an ordinary man facing extraordinary circumstances. A father whose love for his daughter forces a social reckoning that will reverberate for years to come.

Director and Writer: Nisha Pahuja

Producers: Nisha Pahuja, Cornelia Principe and David Oppenheim

Executive Producers: Dev Patel, Mindy Kaling, Rupi Kaur, Andy Cohen, Atul Gawande, Andrew Dragoumis, Anita Lee, Shivani Rawat, Deepa Mehta, Samarth Sahni, Anita Bhatia, Priya Doraswamy and Niraj Bhatia

Limited Release Date: 

Friday, October 20 (New York @ Film Forum)

Expanded Release Date:

Los Angeles, October 26 @Laemmle Monica

Los Angeles, October 27-29 @Laemmle Royale

San Francisco, November 4 @The Rox

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