Review: Reptile

When Netflix releases a new mystery/thriller, they are almost immediately the most popular picks for the next several weeks. Reptile has been on Netflix’s Top 10 since its release on September 7th. The unique cast certainly piqued fan’s interest.


Reptile follows Detective Tom Nichols (Benicio del Toro) as he works to solve the murder of real estate agent, Summer Elswick (Matilda Lutz) in Scarborough, Maine. The movie also helped remind fans that Justin Timberlake is also an actor. The 42-year-old singer-songwriter stars as the victim’s boyfriend and suspect of her death, Will Grady. Alicia Silverstone stars as Detective Nichols’ wife, Judy.

The movie portrays several suspects, all with strong motives. So maybe it wasn’t too surprising that the obvious suspect turned out to be the mastermind behind Summer’s death. Turns out, Will and his mother’s (Frances Fisher) real estate business was much shadier than they wanted it to seem. However, multiple people were technically involved in Summer’s death for their own gain. Not only that, but crooked law-enforcement officers joined in on the murder plot.

Summer’s knowledge of her boyfriend’s scheme resulted in her violent death. Did other readers wonder how he was really treating her, considering his tone when asking where she’d been one night and a fight they previously had?

When it comes to movies like this, the bad guy is often the person everyone least suspects. Summer’s drug-using ex-husband was an obvious suspect, but his time on-screen was short-lived. Readers kept a close eye on Judy’s character. While her uncle was a bit shady, she turned out to just be the supportive wife of the detective. 


All that happened in the movie wasn’t fully understood at first. This was the type of movie that needed to be watched twice to fully grasp everything and understand how every character’s story fit together. The fact that there were several individuals tied to the murder made things a bit hard to understand at first.

At first, the movie’s title wasn’t fully understood. The movie’s director, Grant Singer, explained: “In the movie, characters are introduced as one thing and revealed to be something else,” Singer says. “There’s a shedding of skin that occurs, and it felt like an appropriate metaphor for the film. Some of the most unethical people in the film can be very likable in moments.” 

And all this time, watchers were likely waiting for a snake to make a grant appearance on-screen.

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