Johnny Depp’s Production Company Signs First Look Deal With IM Global

Johnny Depp’s production company, Infinitum Nihil has signed a first looks deal with IM Global.  This means that IM Global gets the first chance at distribution rights to films  and other projects the company has in production.

Infinitinum Nihil consists of Johnny Depp at the helm, along with his sister Christi Dembrowski, Sam Sarkar and Stephen Deuters.  Depp founded the company in 2004 to produce off beat projects that might not see production otherwise. In most of these, Depp is both producer and actor.  Infinitinum Nihil has production credits on LONE RANGER, HUGO, MORTDECAI, THE RUM DIARY, and DARK SHADOWS.  The company previously had first look deals with Disney and Warner Brothers.

Stuart Ford’s IM Global’s credits include Mel Gibson’s HAWCKSAW RIDGE  and Martin Scorsese’s SILENCE.

IM Global and Infinitum Nihil began collaborating last year and have been working on a television series centered around the famous Muscle Shoals music studio. Richard Bronson’s Virgin Produced is co producing  the project with Infinitum Nihil.

IM Global is financing Depp’s next film, Wayne Roberts RICHARD SAYS GOODBYE. The film is set to begin production this summer.

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