Indie Feature Film ‘Curtis’ Casting Call

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on July 30th in Detroit, Michigan.


To Audition:


CURTIS is currently scheduled for about a 3 week shoot starting July 30th.

Please read and follow submission instructions carefully!

If you would like to be considered for this project, please email RyanHillCasting@gmail.comwith: NAME (first & last), PHONE NUMBER, CITY YOU ARE LOCATED, PARENT NAME IF UNDER 18, CURRENT PICTURES (do NOT need to be professional, but at least 1 must clearly show you without sunglasses, hat, or anything that hides your face), and ANY BASKETBALL EXPERIENCE (if it relates to the role for which you are submitting).

In the subject line, please write: “CURTIS – (role you think you fit)”

Here are the 15 (paid) speaking roles I am looking to fill: (ages are targets, not firm numbers)

CURTIS: Male, (38-45 years old). African American. Fragile athletic build. A former high school basketball star, now schizophrenic. Tormented by his failed basketball dreams.

DRE: Male, (12-14 years old). African American. Some sort of gentle but mischievous thing about him. An aspiring basketball player who’s considered as an outcast by the other boys in his neighborhood.

JANICE: Female, (60-65 years old). African American. Widow. A gentle soul who wears her emotions. Curtis’ mother. Her only wish is for her son to find peace within himself.

GREG: (30s). African American. Male. Detroit hustler, with a short temper and love for old school cars.

PAWN SHOP MANAGER: (40s) Middle Eastern or Caucasian. Male. Over twenty years in the pawn shop business. He’s seen it all. No nonsense, business only mindset.

JAMES: Dre’s father (40). African American. Male. A tough blue collar mechanic and father of two who’s mourning the death of his eldest son while inadvertently neglecting his youngest.

GUY AT STORE WITH GIRLFRIEND: (Teen). African American. Male. Protective of his girlfriend. Genuinely kind, but not a push over by any means.

MARCUS: (13). African American. Male. Pack leader of his crew. Local basketball star with no regard for anybody else’s feelings but his own.

RICK: (40s) African American. A former high school basketball star who’s confidence and charm lasted over the years. He’s now an executive at Chrysler.

TEAM CAPTAIN: (13). African American. Male. One of the cool kids in the neighborhood because of his basketball skills.

SCHOOL SECURITY GUARD: (40s). African American. Male. Detroit native with a no tolerance for nonsense.

GUY #1 AT STORE: (Teen). African American. Male. Loves being entertained, but won’t pay full price for anything. A slick street dude from Detroit.

HONKING DRIVER: (30s) African American. Male. Always in a rush, with no time to feel sorry for anyone.

OLDER DRE’S FRIEND: (17) African American. Male. He goes nowhere without his crew. Loyal to a fault.

EXTRAS will also be needed, but please DO NOT email about extras until more information has been posted!!!!



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