Lucas Congdon Has No Room for Failure

Lucas Congdon has a show that airs on Discovery’s Animal Planet. Insane Pools: Off the Deep End is about the remodeling pools and lagoons for people’s pleasure. He started young getting into the building. After his parent’s divorce, Congdon became a wiser male in his field. He describes the most challenge moment building pools and lagoons. “Wow, there have been so many challenges. We are working in different spaces, towns, and states. Every place has its own set of rules and regulations. We try to be creative while working in a box. It has been a real challenge with things we really want to do. There is an episode coming up with a treehouse. You are not allowed to build treehouses in Florida because there is upper wind coast. There would be no way or engineers to make it to the tree because of the unpredictability of the wind. Congdon kindly discusses hopes for an upcoming episode. “The whole tree will be engineered out of the field. We will put a fake tree on a real tree. We will build a 130 ft slide that comes out of the treehouse down into the pool. In order to get approval from the HOA, we have to block it. There is always a challenge with each job. Another challenge with a different project that we are working on the pool is the pool having to get lowered. These challenges push us to think and learn differently. There is a lot more that reaches the eye.”

The Vermont native has become a huge success. Before this show, he was a 25-year-old with a tree work and landscaping business. Through this time and until he has changed outlooks on life. “I got a tree working job when first moving to Florida. I did this for six months and then being my own. After a while, I got my own pool project. I really feel in love with working around pools. I always over delivered on the smaller jobs. This would make words travel fast. I started out under one name. After finding my passion for pools, I changed my name to Lucas Lagoon in 2003.”

ATM: Lucas. I would assume there were times you wanted to give up What made you keep fighting for your dream?

LC: I never had a backup plan. I never said to myself that if this did not want I’ll do something else. In your mind, if you do not give yourself an out, then there is not out. If you are going to do something, then you are going to figure it out. Having failure in your mind as an opinion makes it an opinion. This is what I wanted to do so failure was not an option. I have always had to find a solution to every problem.

Congdon has become a world sensation with building lagoons and pools. His client list keeps getting heavier and larger. He turned a once dream into a career and lifestyle. He has constructed personal property for his family.

Insane Pools: Off the Deep End airs on Animal Planet Fridays at 9 pm.


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