A Chat With Modern Family’s Michael Churven

ATM: How do the different cultures on the show resemble elements of family?

MC: I love that it broadens the definition of family. There is an idea that there are so many forms a family could take such as children, step children, parents, step parents, and same sex parents. The whole argument is that they are essentially all the same. They share the same exact core definition, which is to trust their community and raise children. Regardless of someone’s background or position in life, the core definition is the same.

ATM: What do the families most value about one another?

MC: They value the stability of the relationship. None of them are going anywhere. They are bound together by these relationships. This means they are unbreakable. It does not matter what you are going through, or what your mood is, it is never going to change with these people in your life. This is a solid foundation that you can go out into the world to live your own life, but then you will always come back.

ATM: Express the reaction when Modern Family first arrived on American Television.

MC: It was groundbreaking, particularly from the view of having a same sex couple. There were all kinds of different kinds of family. Even back then you knew this was going to be a special kind of show. It was well written and it was a feeling about it right from the pilot. It was all the right ingredients coming together from the same crystallized jewels. You had great acting, great writing, and very interesting story idea at the right time.

ATM: What does this say about our culture today? What could someone from 10 years into the future look back and say about the boundaries that are being pushed?

MC: Modern Family fits into a typical family. It has gone from something that was considered held out to something fresh to something that is common. This is not to disperse the talent, writing, and amazing nature of the show. It is incredibly to see that it has mature into mirroring its landscape.

ATM: What are two characters that have progressed throughout the entirety of the show?

MC: The kids would be the most obvious. It is wonderful to see them grow up. My experience is from the 9th season. It is great to see them grow and mature. They are taking on these great lives now. It is really great to see.

ATM: Do you believe the comedy during the serious moments show us people within the family circle are not perfect?

MC: Yes. You have so much of the fatal flaws in the characters is what makes it funny. You have people who are funny trying to hard to do their best in family. They fail. It is great to encapsulate this so well in the characters who are fully fleshed out.

ATM: There is a lot of flexibility on how the writers are writing these characters. A person can always relate to at least one family member on this show.

MC: There has to be recognition there. When people are able to recognize situations and character. They see that is their mom, dad, aunt, and child. You have to be able to understand a situation to laugh at it.


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