Jane Elliott: The Brutality of Nations II

Continuing from Part I

JE: Trump said, “We have to put a wall on the Southern border of the United States. We do not want these brown people coming here because brown people produce to rapidly.” We will be outnumbered. This is why they are desperately trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade. In 1987, 60% of fetuses were aborted every year were white. Now, as a result of threatening everyone who performs abortions and teaching them, they are going to be allowed to have abortions.

Now, 39% of the fetuses that are aborted are white. 61% of the fetuses are of color. The idea to overthrow Roe vs Wade is not about religion. It is not between you and the evangelicals and God, but it is between you and God. White folks are so frightened. Most white women do not want to have six children. I asked students on college campuses “Will all the white women who want to have six children please stand?” Nobody stands. They do not want to reproduce for the good of the country nor should they be expected to.

ATM: Take me back and also now to the genocide of Native Americans in our country.

JE: We are still doing it. We are doing it in Canada. If a young native first nation girl disappears, then nobody chases them and wants to find out what happens to them. They simply disappear in this country. In this country when a young black person disappears “Oh we should do something about this.” But you do not see their pictures on the boxes.” When it is a white person, we have an entirely different attitude about this. We are still creating genocide in this country.

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A group of midwives asked me to talk to them. I said, “Why are you asking me to talk with you? I know nothing about medicine.” Because we are all registered nurses. We are determined to be midwives. We know black and brown women do not get the same treatment in the delivery room like white women. These are white, brown, and black women who have seen things happen in delivery rooms.

Someone told them “Someone does not care about these black and brown babies.” They are actually determined to prove that someone does. There will probably be a doctor who comes along saying this is not true and “that woman is a nutcase.” Well, there was about 35 women in this room, and they all had experiences. You want to talk about genocide? We have genocide going on in this country today. Make no mistake about this, until two years ago, this was the best country on the face of the earth even if we had all these problems. Every country has the same problems partially because of instant communication.

We are working to make it better for all of us. Not just black, brown, native Americans, women, or gays, and lesbians. For everyone. If you force a male to be the most powerful one in your family, then he has to take on all the responsibility. The rest of you just hang back and watch. Pretty soon you will have a dead male on your hands. Men die young because of the stresses we put on them to be more than they can.

We do not teach reason, rights, and responsibility in the schools. Until we do, instead of reading, writing, and arithmetic, then we will continue to have mess going on. We have to make children and adults responsible for the results of their behavior. We, teachers, have a responsibility and we certainly do not teach reason.

As far as I am concern, this is the best country in the world.

ATM: Yes, it is. Again, I love America. I love all whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, gays, and all other sectors of people on American soil.

JE: All we have to do is take it back. We have lost it in the last two years. We are in danger of losing our country. This is going to take the corporation of all color groups and ages. All religions and no religions.

ATM: Have you ever been called a Nigger Lover?

JE: Yes. This is the name that is described to me most often. I say, “I would rather be a lover than a hater.” The second word that is applied to me is Bitch. It used to bother me a lot when people would call me this. It was only a male who would call me this, and it was only when they felt I was in control. Then I figured out Bitch is an acronym of Being in Total Control, Honey!

He cannot use this word against me now. Because as far as I am concerned, it is a compliment. I am in control, and he has no way to control me. He tries to use this word and I tell him what it means to me. I laugh out loud. Then he gets angry because he has not thought of any other word. I will not be controlled by a male of any color who thinks he is male, and I am female, or I am old and he young to control me.

ATM: The word “gay” used to mean happy. So, it is interesting as to how the word has changed into a derogatory word and has fallen into the marginalized sector of this country.

JE: Our language changes as our society changes. There is a poem that says, “There’s a fairy at the bottom of my garden.” I used to read this to my third graders. The junior kids said, “You cannot read this to your kids. You are telling them about fairies. Because Fairies are gay right?” We used to have a sign in the cafeteria that said, “The reason I’m gay and my smile is so bright. You see on my tray the food is just right.”

This rhymes beautifully, but then the junior and senior kids started saying, “Haha, everyone that eats here is gay.” It became a joke and they had to take it down. When this country was young, the f word that I hate was used all the time and no one got upset about it. When the language changes, society changes. We are going to have a better language when we stop using these ugly terms. We need to stop seeing people as ugly, but also as one of our cousins. And you are one of my cousins whether you like it or not.

ATM: You are one of my cousins whether you like it or not too.

JE: I like it a lot!

ATM: Me as well.

JE: We should all appreciate and value one another. We are all we got. People need to realize they cannot cross a horse and a cow and get how. You can cross people of different colors and get beautiful offspring. We have been doing it for 400 years in this country.

Differences are to be recognized, appreciated, and valued. Not to be denied or denigrated.  You and I do not have to have the same on the inside or the same on the outside. We are guaranteed equal rights under the law of this country. I want it, and I want it now. I want it for you and me. I have to worry about it now because I am 85 years old. People are quite certain that I have no value and I am just using up their social security money.

ATM: What do you believe is the stereotype for people when reaching their 80s regardless of their accomplishments?

JE: In this country we worship youth. The older you get the less certain we are with the welfare.  You will never look my age when you are 85 like I do because black don’t crack. As a black woman, and because you have a lot of melanin in your skin, you will never get as wrinkled as I am. This is a fact.

ATM: What is your most learnable scripture in the Bible?

JE: When God said let there be light. It was not talking about skin color. He was talking about education, enlightenment, and people getting over the guilt. There is a verse that says, “To the vessel of the Lord forever.” People need to self-educate themselves so they can be right in this darkness that is going in this country today. People need to read Robert Sussman’s The Myth of Race and also Anthony Browder’s Niles Valley Contributions to Civilization. They have to read Timothy Snyder’s On Tyranny. This will take you an hour to read, but less than your life to forget it. Right now, we have a tyrant in place, and we are living in tyranny.

ATM: You call your Brown Eyed, Blue-Eyed an exercise. Whereas, our society considers it an experiment and it also is written in over millions of books this way. They have miscued your exercise.

JE: They do this deliberately to put it down. You cannot experiment with people without their knowledge or permission. If you call it an experiment, then it degrades it and makes it sound wrong. I do not experiment with children. I did an exercise so they can recognize the reality of which they are involved in this society for a lifetime.

The danger of education. Julius Caesar said, “That man is dangerous. He thinks too much.” This happens during the exercise. It turns people into people who think too much. They are enlightened and are no longer frightened.

ATM: One of your third-grade students Steven came to you that morning. It was the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. So, was this exercise an epiphany?

JE: I had thought about it many times before because one of the ways Adolf Hitler decided who went into the gas chamber was eye color. Walter Cronkite asked three leaders of the black community, “When our leader was killed his widow held us together.  Who’s going to keep your people in line?” I was furious. What is this “your people” nonsense. We are all a part of the United States. Our leader who was killed was John F Kennedy.

He was not the leader of all white people. You can see how sane we are. Jackie Kennedy was a 32-year-old white woman and Walter Cronkite thought she could hold this whole country together. This was an insane question to ask them. Then I changed the channel and saw Dan Rather saying to the black community, “Don’t you Negros think you should feel sympathy for us white people because we cannot feel the anger at this killing you black people can.”

I rolled up the tepee I had been ironing to get ready for the next day. I threw it at the bottom of the closet and shut off the television. I decided that we were going to learn the Sioux Indian prayer the next day that said, “Oh Great Spirit, keep me from ever judging a man until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.” I decided they were not only going to learn this prayer but also to have an answer for them. I wanted all my Christian white third graders to walk in the shoes of a black person for one day. I knew how to do it because I am white. I know how to set up a discriminatory situation. I have lived in one. I know what Hitler did. The reason he decided to put them in a gas chamber was because of eye color.

I decided to treat my students, negatively and positively based on their eyes. I did not create this idea or exercise. When Adolf Hitler was killing Jews in Europe someone said to our president Roosevelt, what are you going to do about this? “Leave that man alone. He is dealing with a problem that the rest of us do not want to deal with.” I am not someone who has just read a book and know what it is about. I have been around too long for people to tell me what is going on in Washington, DC makes any sense. I know what it is all about and so does anyone over the age of 85 in this country. They are not able to talk about it, but they do. We have been there.

ATM: Adolf Hitler was going to find a master race composed of blue eyed, blonded haired pale skin people who were going to rule the world. He was calling them Aryans.

JE: Joseph Mengele’s job was to do experimentation on people of any age to find a way to change brown eyes to blue. When they found someone who was brown eyed, they wanted to make this person a member of the master race by changing him or her eye color. They did experiments on thousands of people in an attempt to change eye color. This is insane. It is as insane as it is to build a wall to keep brown people out of this country because they reproduce to fast. Or to suggest we pay women to have babies. We cannot do this here because we have to pay women of all colors.

This was a suggestion made by a man named Benjamin Wattenberg in a book written in 1987 called The Birth Dearth. The first paragraph, “The major problems in the United States today is that there are not enough white babies being born in this country. If we do not do something about it quickly, then white people will become a numeral minority in this country. It will no more be a white man’s land.” I read this and I was infuriated.

This was not a white man’s land to begin with. It still is not a white man’s land. He got nasty comments about it, and he should have. Then five years later he rewrote the book and put in all kinds of statistics, charts, tables, and graphs to prove what he does not want to come right out to say. It is what the book is saying. Benjamin Disraeli said, “There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damn lies, and statistics.” You can make statistics whatever you want. He was a member of an American Enterprise Institute, and he gave advice to presidents of the United States. When you read this book, you will realize where the idea of the wall came from, abortion, and we are going to pay the black women for infant support. If you think this is all an accident, then you are totally wrong.

End of Part 2