The MOVIE BOX | OLD Tops Box Office As SNAKE EYES Underwhelms

M. Night Shyamalan’s newest movie, Old, topped the box office with a $23 million debut worldwide. Its domestic gross of $16,510,000 was enough to beat out Snake Eyes, which also debuted this weekend. It’s Shyamalan’s lowest opening since 2006’s Lady in the Water, but it is also opening as big markets such as Los Angeles are currently dealing with COVID-19 surges. The word of mouth for the movie may lend itself to legs for the new horror movie, and its PG-13 rating also plays in its favor.

Snake Eyes was the latest attempt to kickstart a G.I. Joe franchise. It had a disappointing weekend, taking in $13,350,000 domestically and only adding another $4 million internationally. The previous two G.I, Joe movies, “Rise of Cobra,” and “Retaliation,” opened with $54,713,046 and $40,501,814 respectively. This is a shame for fans of the G.I. Joe property, as Snake Eyes partially serves as an introduction of some familiar G.I. Joe faces. If it doesn’t end up having legs and making a decent chunk of change at the box office, will future movies in the franchise even be made? Or will it suffer a similar fate as Tom Cruise’s The Mummy, which counted its chickens before they hatched and never got a true continuation.

Black Widow suffered a significant drop of 55.1% this weekend, yet still made double-digits domestically. It still took in $11.6 million domestically this weekend, pushing its domestic total past $150 million and its worldwide gross up to $314,906,683.

While Black Widow’s drop was massive, Space Jam: A New Generation had an even bigger drop of 69.2%. How much of this is due to the fact it is available to HBO Max subscribers is yet to be seen, but perhaps families decided to stay in and watch it in the comfort of their own home. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions suffered a similar fate, dropping 61.4% in its second weekend while making only $3.4 million domestically this weekend.

F9 finally crossed the $600 million mark with its $4.7 million domestic gross in its fifth weekend. This was still good enough to beat out Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, which is only in its second week. Vin Diesel and his family continue to stay put in the top five at the box office, a spot which they have not vacated since F9 opened.

On the indie scene, Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain, made another $830,000 in its second weekend. It is open in under 1,000 theaters, so it has been a quiet success thus far. Joe Bell also opened in 1,094 theaters while coming in right behind “Roadrunner,” grossing $707,185. Pig, the new Nicholas Cage movie, dropped 42% in its second weekend, but still made $565,000 domestically. It had a higher gross per-theater than Joe Bell, though it played in almost half of the amount of theaters Joe Bell did. 

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