Streaming Charts: ‘LICORICE PIZZA’ Nabs Top Spot from ‘NO WAY HOME’; ‘JACKASS FOREVER’ Creeps Into Top Ten

Happy post-Oscars week! Amidst all of the excitement around who won what award, it’s time to see where films finished on the streaming charts. As you can see in the headline, Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Licorice Pizza” topped streaming charts, taking the spot from “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” which held the top spot amidst its digital release.

Coming next was a slew of Best Picture nominees; in third place was Best Picture-nominee, “Belfast,” in fourth place was “CODA” — congratulations to everyone at Apple TV+ on this great accomplishment. “CODA” was the first film from a streamer to win Best Picture, and I interviewed director Siân Heder a couple of months ago. You can check out that interview here.

Siân Heder, director of “CODA.” Photo courtesy of Brad Torchia / Courtesy of Apple.

Rounding out that slew of Best Picture nominees was “King Richard,” which slaps (I’m sorry), and “Drive My Car.” The latter is available on HBO Max and cannot be recommended enough.

Coming in seventh place was the gem, “The Worst Person in the World.” Right behind it is a film that is highly unlikely to be nominated for Best Picture in 2023, but is a good time nonetheless, “Jackass Forever.”

Johnny Knoxville in “Jackass Forever” from Paramount Pictures and MTV Entertainment Studios.

In ninth place was “Parallel Mothers,” a film that was up for two Oscars this weekend: Best Actress (Penélope Cruz), and Best Original Score.

Lastly was “Nightmare Alley,” the Best Picture nominee is available on both Hulu and HBO Max.

Final Rankings:

  1. “Licorice Pizza”
  2. “Spider-Man: No Way Home”
  3. “Belfast”
  4. “CODA”
  5. “King Richard”
  6. “Drive My Car”
  7. “The Worst Person in the World”
  8. “Jackass Forever”
  9. “Parallel Mothers”
  10. “Nightmare Alley”

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