‘MORBIUS’ Debuts On Top; ‘THE BATMAN’ Crosses $700 Mil Worldwide

For as bad as the reviews have been, “Morbius” found its way to the top of the box office in its debut, raking in $39.1 domestically and another $44.9 million overseas. Yes, “Morbius” is a real movie, and while not the most spectacular debut, $84 million is not chump change. When compared to the two other Sony-Spider-Man spinoff movies, “Venom” and “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” “Morbius” looks far inferior. “Venom” grossed $80 million in its domestic debut while its sequel grossed $90 million in its domestic debut.

“The Lost City” opened in 30 more theaters this weekend, bringing its total to 4,283 across America, and grossed $14,800,428 (-51.4%). This particular mid-budget action-romantic comedy has been a success for Paramount Pictures, making $54,581,000 domestic two weeks into its run and raking in another $7 million overseas.

The Batman” may have finished third at the box office this weekend, but its $10.8 million (47.2%) gross was enough to push the film past the $700 million worldwide mark ($710.5 million). Reminder: the film hits HBO Max on April 19.

A still from “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” photo courtesy of A24.

Everything Everywhere All at Once” has continued a fairytale run at the box office, adding another 28 theaters to its limited pre-wide release run. The film made $1,011,980 (+101.9%) in 38 theaters for a per-theater average of $26,631.

“RRR” took a big stumble, only making $1.6 million (-83%) across 1,200 theaters — the same number as last weekend. A few of the smaller new releases included “The Contractor,” an action film starring Chris Pine, which grossed $535,000 across 489 theaters; “You Won’t Be Alone,” distributed by Focus Features, made $125,000 in 147 theaters; and finally, “Waterman” made $60,000 in just 13 theaters.

“Morbius” will have some competition next week as Michael Bay’s “Ambulance” hits theaters, along with the wide release of “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” which has been riding high with uber positive reviews. Perhaps topping both of those will be “Sonic the Hedgehog 2,” whose predecessor, “Sonic the Hedgehog,” was the last pre-Covid hit, grossing $319.7 million worldwide during the early first quarter of 2020.

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