Children’s Casting Call for EVERYBODY

Searching for a African American girl who can play 9 to 12 years old to be in the Coca Cola Stage Production of EVERYBODY, by Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins to be directed by Susan V Booth and Tinashe Kajese Bolden.


Inspired by a 15th-century morality play entitled Everyman, Everybody explores one of life’s greatest mysteries: Death, in a surprisingly hilarious and witty manner. The title character, Everybody, is told by Death that they will be taking the long journey towards the afterlife, in which they will have to give a presentation to God about their life. Everybody rushes to find anyone that they can take with them on this journey, and they go through many allegorical figures, including Friendship, Kinship, and Love. Everybody, as well as eight other roles, are decided by lottery every night.

Click here to read the script.

Character Descriptions

Girl:  African American girl pulled from the audience as a random audience member.

Time:  Same child plays Time.  Character is completely authentic, real and non-performative.

Show Dates

First Rehearsal – 8/2/22

Open – 9/12/22

Closing – 10/2/22

If Interested and Available, please prepare the following materials and submit them online.

  • Audition Video
  • Acting audition: Record yourself performing this side: Time Side
  • Audition Form: (To access the form, click here) Everybody Audition Form
  • Headshot or a picture from the shoulders up
  • Resume (if available)

Instructions on how to submit your audition materials online:

  1. Prepare and video your side.
  2. Fill out the attached audition form.
  3. Open your Google Drive and create a folder with your first and last name.
  4. Upload your video, audition form, headshot, and resume into this folder as individual files.
  5. Select the folder, and go to “Get Link” at the top right corner. Make sure to change permission settings to “Anyone with link.”
  6. Copy and paste the link into your response back to us at and be sure the subject line reads “EVERYBODY TIME AUDITION.”

If you plan to submit or have any questions, please email Jody Feldman at

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