DEFINING US: CHILDREN AT THE CROSSROAD OF CHANGE Make its US Premiere at the 25th Annual Dances with Films Festival

Defining US: Children at the Crossroad of Change will make its US debut at the 25th Annual Dances with Films Festival on Saturday, June 18, 2022 at TCL Chinese 6 Theatres located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, CA. Stacey DeWitt (director/executive producer), Paul Forbes (executive producer), and Darion Allen (Los Angeles student and cast member) will be on hand for red carpet interviews before the film and Q&A.

Defining US: Children at the Crossroads of Change tells the stories of educators leading school-based civil rights efforts to liberate students of color from harmful narratives and to protect their freedom to discuss racial issues that shape their identity. Amid a deeply divisive national debate about how or if race should be discussed in schools, the non-partisan, point of view film takes audiences inside the nation’s largest school districts and reveals what educators are really teaching our children and how that is defining US.


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