With summer approaching fast, producers and directors have been hard at work getting summer-themed films ready for the world to see.

The story starts in 1998 in Galena, Maryland. Teenager Cole Baird (Ben Winchell) has a beautiful girlfriend named Elle (Aimee Teegarden), and a best friend named Jack (Will Brittain) to help guide him through life. The trio happily spend their days on Maryland’s Eastern shore celebrating friendship, love, and small-town adventure.

Back at his home with his parents, the audience sees that Cole has a strong relationship with his mother. However, his relationship with his father (Jay O. Sanders) revolves around the life he wants for Cole. While Cole dreams of being a full-time farmer, his father wishes for his son to become a lawyer.

As the teen years leave the trio, Cole attends The University of Maryland. Elle and Jack stay behind. Viewers see the distance between the couple start to put a strain on their relationship. With Cole away at school, Elle and Jack’s friendship ends up blossoming into romance.

As time passes, Cole continues his education while Jack and Elle get engaged. Though hurt, Cole agrees to be Jack’s best man at his wedding.

On a visit back home, Cole’s mother tells him that she was diagnosed with lung cancer over a year ago. Though upset that his parents waited over a year to tell him, she assures Cole that she is being taken care of.

On his first day of class at Georgetown Law, Cole meets a classmate named Sarah, who will end up being his future wife.

After he marries Sarah, the life Cole’s father dreamt for his son quickly falls into place. The couple becomes proud owners of a stunning home in Washington DC, and Cole works for a distinguished law firm.

Sadly, Sarah contacts her husband at work to inform him that his mother passed away.

Back in Galena, Cole’s work life is falling apart. Even though he and Elle have welcomed two daughters, his farm is not where it needs to be to support himself or his family. Although Cole has managed to be able to help his old friend, when possible, his inability to be there when Jack needs him causes the strain between them to return.

With the stress of trying to strengthen his farm while providing for his family, Jack reaches his breaking point. The film takes a dark turn when Jack tragically takes his own life.

As time goes on after Jack’s death, Elle offers to sell Cole their farm, much to Sarah’s dismay. Realizing they want different things in life and from each other, Cole and Sarah decide to separate.

Time goes on and Cole purchases the farm while also continuing to practice law. After Elle lets him know her plans to possibly stick around Galena with her daughters, viewers are left confident that Cole and Elle will rekindle their romantic relationship.

Coming to the U.S. on July 8th, director Joe Hall introduces viewers to Cole Baird while following him on his journey of personal fulfillment over what’s expected of him.

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