Ang Lee to Direct Bruce Lee Biopic; Filmmaker’s Son to Play Martial Arts Icon

Ang Lee, director of Life of Pi and Brokeback Mountain, will direct a feature about Bruce Lee. His son Mason is attached to star as the icon, and the movie is in the pre-production stages with Dan Futterman adapting the script.

Mr. Bruce Lee, the founder of Jeet Kune Do and an individual promoting Hong Kong action films, passed away in 1973 at 32. Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury, The Way of the Dragon, and The Game of Death all promoted his icon status as a martial artist that defied the Asian stereotype while immersing his styles under the American banner.

Ang Lee has commented (in an interview with Variety) that “Lee was a bridge between the East and West who introduced Chinese Kung Fu to the world…I feel compelled to tell the story of this brilliant, unique human being who yearned for belonging, possessed tremendous power in a 135-pound frame.”

Shannon Lee, Lawrence Grey, Ang Lee, Ben Everard, and Brian Bell serve as producers, with oversight from Marisa Paiva and Elizabeth Gabler. The untitled picture reunites Lee with Paiva and Gabler after working together on Life of Pi. Mason Lee recently starred in Stand By Me and Who Killed Cock Robin. A release date is to be announced.

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