Watch Trailer | I GOT A MONSTER

The infuriating true story of I GOT A MONSTER highlights how special police task forces often without proper oversight can take gross advantage of the power given to them. This perversion of law enforcement calls out for investigation and reform as all too often these special units tend toward rouge gang-like operations who brutalize the populace and undermine respect for legitimate policing.

Based on an explosive true story, I GOT A MONSTER retells in highly dramatic fashion one of the nation’s biggest police corruption scandals. In 2017, Baltimore was rocked by the Federal indictment of Wayne Jenkins, a highly decorated super-cop and leader of the Baltimore Police Department’s elite Gun Trace Task Force along with six other members on racketeering charges. In a city plagued by racial tension and violence, plain-clothes detectives from the Gun Trace Task Force had been celebrated for holding the Thin Blue Line, but in fact were terrorizing Baltimore’s Black community. These dirty cops were stealing and reselling millions of dollars of drugs while brazenly planting evidence and falsifying police reports. However, they didn’t plan for a campaigning defense attorney or a secret FBI wiretap operation to end their crime spree and expose decades of criminality inside the police department.

In Theaters and VOD March 10.


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