Uncle Rufus’ Last Request Review

Kickstarting a family business by reuniting the entire family after years may not be the most appetizing of all agendas, but it’s evident one will be caught in a tough spot if their uncle requests they do so to achieve the massive inheritance left in his will.

Darius Brown (Omar Gooding) works with his girlfriend in furthering her “supposed” celebrity career (compared to Beyonce, everyone preaches) but gets a message that his Uncle Rufus (Michael Colyar) passed away and left an exceptional inheritance for his nephew. However, the catch is that to achieve it all, Darius must reunite with his brothers and sisters to kickstart a family business while being kept on a tab by a lawyer named Jasmine (Nicholl Jones), which catches his eye. Darius seems so intent on bringing back the family; must have pulled some notes from Dominic Toretto or any other family comedy that wants people to fight one another for an inheritance from their lineage.

Reuniting this time doesn’t seem to flow well, as everyone’s internal beliefs and behavior cause rifts and jealousy amongst the family in their former uncle’s residence. Some gags are tossed around here and there but only illuminate this feature’s limitations as a B-level motions pictures, with the humor sticking out like a sore thumb. The good news is there is a ramp-up of blunt and worthwhile tension in the third act when the family comes at each others’ throats, but it doesn’t salvage much of this feature’s rambling nonsense and inconsequential storytelling. This is a paint-by-the-numbers skit, lacking conviction and a sentimental direction.

What could’ve been some insight into the officiating of Juneteenth or stumbled into some themes of black Americans’ troubles becomes another exercise of watching 85 minutes slide by obtusely. Uncle Rufus’ Last Request is a mediocre time and will become another tchotchke on the wall when all the credits are done rolling.

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