“B1 The Movie” is a moving documentary that centers around the various reasons and societal issues that keep the black community, at large, from putting ourselves first. Talking through various parts of our life that affect our identity and livelihood as people, the documentary talks on topics such as music, film, social media, our relationships, and more that could all be changed if our blackness would be put at the forefront.

As a young black man, this documentary was definitely an eye-opener to various social stigmas that plague our communities and keep us from progressing further to a point where we have the dominance other communities fear. Some of these stigmas I wasn’t even aware of even before watching this documentary. Using conversations with community leaders, musicians, educators, and political commentators amongst other people who help to illustrate these points. The conversations had within the documentary were both important and necessary with the further advancement of the black community.

Using the pillars of modern societal influences, including music, film, and social media, the documentary touches on how these platforms push out messages that devalue black existence. The documentary also features different viewpoints on these influences and how the black collective can change and use these platforms to push out messages of black free thinking, liberation, and advancement. The points shown further push the idea that with putting ourselves first and living amongst one purified code that helps make us grow further as people.

Additionally, the moments with people at the All-Black National Convention and the Ohio Black Expo help showcase black people putting themselves first in all aspects which was a nice touch. Seeing the examples of black love, black wellness, and black joy in action. These examples help put into perspective the points discussed by everyone within the documentary.

I’d say this is an important watch for any black person who wants to take a deep dive into their own self-worth and existence. It helps you to take pride into your own identity as well as finding the places in your life where you can put a positive version of black life first, above anything else. The documentary made me take on this new outlook on my own black existence and hopefully, learn to put myself first.

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