About David Farrier

David has always been drawn to the stranger side of life. After failing miserably to get into medical school, he abruptly changed trajectory and graduated with a journalism degree in 2005. He went on to spend a decade working in a TV newsroom, reporting and presenting across a range of programs and co-hosting a late night news show.

His first feature documentary, TICKLED, launched at Sundance 2016 to critical acclaim, where it was picked up by HBO and Magnolia Films. It was followed up with the HBO special “The Tickle King.”

In 2018 David hosted and executive produced “Dark Tourist,” an 8-part Netflix Original documentary that saw him explore the ethically murky world of “dark tourism” around the globe.

David writes popular Substack newsletter Webworm, and co-hosts the monthly podcast “Armchaired and Dangerous” with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, which explores conspiracy theory culture and reaches an estimated 20 million listeners under the Armchair Expert

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