If you really want to taste it some more, get ready to once again as the John Cena-starring series has been officially renewed for a second season. Hours before its season one finale, James Gunn revealed on his Twitter that Peacemaker will get another season “thanks to Peter Safran, John Cena, the incredible cast & crew, the folks at HBO Max, and all the fans watching.” Gunn will return to write and produce all the episodes for Season 2, as he did for the first time around.

It should not come as much of a surprise, given Gunn and Cena’s continued teases of the ridiculous, violent product. Gunn’s maneuverability with the character has allowed us to side with the wacky anti-hero and his peers, and Cena has found that one role he can bank on for years to come. It infuses his goofy, cheeky characteristics (a la from his juggernaut run as the top babyface in WWE) with some (surprising) dark and mature emotions from his portrayal. The fact that Gunn gives Cena’s onscreen character a much darker insight with themes of parental manipulation and trauma clinging on gives the show purpose and potency.

James Gunn has been a treat ever since he dipped his toes in the DCEU canon. The once floundering (and dare I say aching) direction of the franchise has become repaired with his inclusion. The Suicide Squad easily toppled its predecessor in terms of fun and vibrancy, and Peacemaker has allowed him to go all out. Plus, John Cena is enjoying his time in Hollywood more, and with Gunn by his side, it can propel things further for their careers in Hollywood.

In the meantime, fans will have to see what is in store for the finale for Season 1 of Peacemaker.  Available on HBO Max on February 17th

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