DesktopEpics Entertainment Announces Advanced Pre-Production of the Horror-Comedy Short Film PREDAWN

DesktopEpics Entertainment announces the upcoming production of PREDAWN, a horror-comedy short film written and directed by Corey A. Burkes. The film follows the story of a family of new homeowners who discover a series of unusual creatures in the forest lining their backyard, which may be the start of an apocalyptic zombie siege. Desperate for answers, they recruit their closest friends to investigate the mystery behind these appearing creatures.

The movie features a talented cast and crew, including Diron Jones as Reggie, Ashley Johnson as Kimberly, Wynter J. Davis as Erin, Po Yen as Henry, Josh Schaffrin as Ned, Vasudha Krishnamoorthy as Radha, Gray Campbell as Carter, Madison Geiger as Madison, Izzy Miller as Charlotte, Kaycee Fillbright as Maggie, Joshua Alford as Paul, and Judith Aaron.

Produced by Karen Surgeon-Bennet, Troy R. Dowden, and Paul J. Haberman, the film boasts of a talented team, including music composer Liam Bradbury, production assistants Brianna “The Brave Cat” Spires and Russell Burkes, production photographer Iris Faction Media, makeup artist Antalya Suazo, wardrobe stylist Sariya Anne Burkes, casting services provided by Backstage, production sound recordist Jarid Coronado, computer graphic artist Javanshir Shukurov, drone aerial videography by KIG Films, prop weaponry by Merc-Werks Design Studios and FYC hostess Stacey Dori.

Principal photography is set to begin on May 20th, 2023, and end on May 24th, 2023, in Union City, GA, and Covington, GA. Post-production will take place from June to July 2023. The film is self-funded and will be exclusively submitted to film festivals for the remaining 2023 and all of 2024 film festival seasons.

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