Looking to Get into Film? Check out these June Casting Calls

  1. “Boy Meets Girl”

About: “In this musical romantic comedy, a self-abnegating comedian and headstrong actress become close friends as they simultaneously evolve as a rom-com screen pairing. But the unconventional friendship hits rocky territory fast as sudden fame plays hell with their already considerable neuroses. Can love muscle its way in between these two cynics, who know all the angles?”

Roles Available:

  • Mitch Kurtz (Lead): Male, 18-30; An insecure, lonely comedian-turned-actor. Witty but quietly self-loathing. Plays piano. Woody Allen in Annie Hall meets Mark in Rent. Must be a tenor with pop-rock sound.
  • Judy Scott (Lead): Female, 18-30; An attention-starved B-list movie actress. Arrogant and too-cool-for-school, but caught up in her own insecurities. Always looking for a better crowd to surf. Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally meets Cathy in Last Five Years. Must have a strong belt and mix.

Production Details: Seeking talent from New York City, rehearsals in July

Apply here on Backstage


  1. Extra Casting Atlanta

About: “The extras casting company behind The Walking Dead are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming in Atlanta, Georgia.”

Roles Available:

  • Teen girl, 16-19; Slender build, ideally with some acting experience
  • Construction worker type, Male, 30-50s; athletic or slim build with facial hair

To Apply: Email a recent photo, age, clothing sizes and contact info to ECAtvExtras@gmail.com with subject either “TEEN GIRL” or “CONSTRUCTION”


  1. “NBC Stand Up 2018”

About: “NBC’s Talent Infusion Programs is looking for comedians to submit a 2-minute video link to a recent performance for a chance to attend the 2018 National Finals in Los Angeles. The winner will receive a talent holding deal with NBC.”

Roles Available:

  • Comedian (real)

Production Details: Candidates must be based in or near Charlotte, NC or New York, NY. Applications close on June 29.

Apply here on NBC


  1. “Williams Grove”

About: “Nikki sneaks out of her parents trailer almost every night. Her rebellious spirit clashes with her parent’s strict rules. Regardless she seeks adventure even if it is confined to her tiny country town. On one particular night Nikki’s actions make her face some unbearable consequences.”

Roles Available:

  • Nikki (Lead), Female, 18-29; Quiet but strong-willed teen with a lot of tricks up her sleeve
  • Genie (Supporting), Female, 37-61; Nikki’s mother, modest and firm
  • Jeff (Supporting), Male, 38-70; Nikki’s absent, unknowing father
  • Cody (Supporting), Male, 18-29; Nikki’s brother, protective of her and her rebellious behavior
  • Chery (Supporting), Female, 18-28; Nikki’s best friend and partner in crime, wild and outgoing
  • Dakota (Supporting), Male, 18-30; Country boy, flirty drunk
  • Jared (Supporting), Male, 18-35; Another country boy

Production Details: Shoots in September in NJ and PA, meals and lodging provided.

Apply here


  1. “Hulla Girl”

About: “An experimental student short film exploring one of the most tragic days in a young boy’s life told entirely through the eyes of a Hulla Girl figure on a car’s dashboard.”

Roles Available:

  • Dillon (Lead), Male, 15-20; Unemotional teen in denial from the reality of his father on his deathbed
  • Chase (Supporting), Male, 15-20; Dillon’s best friend, suspicious
  • Lily (Supporting), Female, 15-20; Dillon’s girlfriend, clueless

Production Details: Shoots at end of July in South Florida, seeking talent from the area

Apply here


  1. Extras for “Single & Anxious”

About: “Single and Anxious (S&A) follows five African American, college students from various backgrounds as they fumble their way through the challenges of establishing and maintaining romantic relationships.”

Roles Available:

  • Party extras, Males & Females, 18-25
  • Classroom extras, Male & Females, 18-25
  • FBI/Police scene extras, Male & Females, 18+
  • Basketball scene extras, Male & Females, 18+

Production Details: Shooting between June 12 and August 5 in Philadelphia, PA

Apply here


  1. “The Purge” television series

About: “Searching for talent ages eighteen to late twenties to fill roles in the series based upon the popular ‘The Purge’ movies which is set to film later this summer. The series will be a new chapter in America’s twelve hours of annual lawlessness.”

Roles Available:

  • Caucasian male, 18-20s, with longer dirty blonde or blonde hair that is at least chin length. Actor will be portraying a lookalike cult kid.

Production Details: Filming this summer in New Orleans, Louisiana.

To apply, email purge@caballerocasting with subject “LOOK-A-LIKE CULT KID” and include name, age, phone number, height weight and recent photos


  1. “The Giant”

About: “Seeking actors local to Athens, Georgia for the feature film ‘The Giant.’ Real people as well as those with film experience are encouraged to submit!”

Roles Available:

  • Olivia, Female, 18+ ; Caucasian teenage brunette, optimistic, thoughtful
  • Will, Male, 18+ ; Any ethnicity, athletic and mischevious
  • Lauren, Female, 18+ ; Another high school senior and friend of lead
  • Taylor, Male, 18+ ; Any ethnicity, athletic
  • Mike, Male, 18+ ; Any ethnicity, muscular, destructive
  • Daphne, Female, 19-20; Caucasian, blonde and petite
  • Mother, Female, 30s; Caucasian, depressive
  • Olivia’s Mom, Female, 40-50s; Caucasian, concerned
  • Justine, Female, 18+ ; Caucasian girl with blonde cornrows, victim

Production Details: Films from late June to July in Athens, GA.

To apply, fill out this form and send a headshot and resume to arvoldcasting.film@gmail.com with subject “Your Full Name, Role, City, State, THE GIANT”


  1. “Shenanigans!”

About: “A full-length theatrical showcase of music, scenes, monologues, and sketch comedy, all original work by company writers. TAPNYC is a company that assists its members in landing agents and getting work through industry showcases. All shows are attended by agents, managers, and other industry in film, TV, and theater. Past productions have been attended by producers (Broadway), agents (commercial/legit), managers, and casting directors.”

Roles Available:

  • Actors & Singers, male & female, 18+

Production Details: Takes place in summer/fall in NYC

Apply here


  1. Music video extras

About: “Extras of all shapes and sizes needed for fun music video.”

Roles Available:

  • Males & Females, 18-56, all ethnicities; millennials, business people, athletes, plus size women, cosplayers, nerds, veterans, dancers, girls next door, party-goers, students, hipsters & hippies

Apply here


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