Discovering Bigfoot

Netflix original series Discovering Bigfoot directed Todd Standing faced a lot of scrutiny and rumors about his theories about the species Bigfoot, which is also called Sasquatch. Standing has witnessed the species right in front of his eyes. He discusses with ATM  his passion for the wilderness, the backlash on the film  and the truth about how the entertainment industry really treats him.

ATM: There are already numerous films about discovering Bigfoot. Why did you decide to make another film that would engage people differently?

TS: There is nothing like this one. I take people out in the field and have them interact and watch what is happening. No film or expert has done anything like this. Usually, a filmmaker would get someone to talk about it and things that transpired. My documentary watches the steps and what it takes to get actual Sasquatch footage. We have people actually go out to track Bigfoot. I witnessed the Sasquatch. Nothing has been close to this. This is part of the discovering process to prove this species exists.

ATM: In the film, you set a lot of traps in efforts to catch Sasquatch. Did you have fun shooting this experience?

TS: I am not a Sasquatch guy. I am a wilderness guy. I have always loved traveling, tracking, vegetative animals, and landscapes. It has always bothered me that Sasquatch is not accepted as part of the wilderness. This is how I can do exceptional things. This is what I have in common with Sasquatch. They live in nature and embody nature from head to toe. We have the similar love for nature.

ATM: When did your curiosity and focus on Bigfoot begin?

TS: Since I studied biology at the University of Alberta, I wanted to prove that Bigfoot did not exist. I wanted to show there were no ecological efforts for survival or existence in the forests in North America. I started doing research and interviewing people. Especially the Native Americans. It did not take long before I realized the species does exist. This inspired me mentally. Here is a species in North America that we do not accept or acknowledge. Their existence is an absolute a miracle. They are true and real. I wanted to take this discovery to the next level.

ATM: Did some people think you are crazy through this process and still currently?

TS: Absolutely. People thought Einstein was crazy. People thought Stephen Hoffman was crazy. If you are ever on a verge to a great discovery or anyone has ever pushed the limits, then, of course, people think you are crazy. Of course, people think I am crazy. People have advised me to take medication. From my perspective, it is very obvious what is going on. You see from talking with me I am not some crazy or a weird guy. I am not doing anything spectacular but just taking things a step forward.

I do not care who is making this discovery it needs to happen. If I do not do it, then no one will come forth to do it. It is sad. I am finishing it all to prove it exists. Also, I have taken this to court. It is very important that it gets done.

ATM: You mentioned people feel you should take medicine because you come off as if you have a psychosis. Why do you believe society makes people who decide to go the extra mile outside of the societal norms appear weird or misunderstood?

TS: I think people in pop culture are slowly coming around. I do not care. I know the truth. People are just laughing at me as I am showing them the evidence. The people that think this species doe not exist should go for long walk or fear to fall off the face of the earth. When I win the court case proving he is real then they might believe me. The evidence is so overwhelming. This is going to be a slam dunk. Since I agreed with the exposure, I have gathered men and women with DNA experts to prove the existence. I want to prove beyond the reasonable doubt this species is real.

ATM: Are you aware you can die while shooting live? Someone shooting you all walking at night. This means you will not return home to your family or favorite soap.

TS: Absolutely. The biggest danger in my research is the mountain lions and bears that come out at night. This what I worry about the most. The species that live there are very dangerous. I take all the precautions as I can. I go out there with the intent to come home. I have the wonderful family and want to live a long life.

ATM: Explain how pop culture and the new advancement in technology has influence your film?

TS: I could have never done this film a couple of years ago. I am getting results on different levels. I can walk around with my camera and leave it on all day because of the new batteries. There are new sound devices that pick up audio better. The evidence that I am able to acquire are thanks to today’s technology. It is getting better and better every year.

ATM: Would you ever do a worldwide television series about Bigfoot?

TS: Yes, I have been up for many offers for television series. It is hard. I have to do it how they tell me to do it, which is to stay in one spot to study one true Sasquatch like I would with a true gorilla. No, this is not very exciting. They want me to travel to all these exciting and new places, but this is not reasonable. They want me to work with film crews and sound people. This is not possible. Plus, they want me to have a script. This is ridiculous. There is no script. I would go out there was an agenda of what to do and you can not script how Sasquatch reacts. This is not possible. This is why legitimate researchers have such a difficult time with television. What would I do with a script, “I look for Sasquatch and I see you when I come back.”

ATM: (Laughs).

TS: I have no idea what is going to happen. It changes dramatically. So much has to change. I will not take anything and will not work with liars. I will not do little television tricks to make things look cooler. Everything I do is raw and real. A lot of time I have no success. There are times I am in the wilderness for months with no success. T.V. does not like this because they always want something exciting. This is why I like doing two-hour specials because I can film for 2-3 years.

ATM: From your perspective or experience, do you feel the television industry is not geared toward exposing the raw and truth about things in their production?

TS: Oh no. All executives and television executives I have worked live life in a glass. They still think Sasquatch is not real. To them, this is all just a raise. There is no way to convince them otherwise. T.V. executives are the worse. They do not go camping. They know nothing about the wilderness or how it is about the reality of the species existing. To them, it is all a joke. This is a reason I do not work well with the television industry. I have been on a few television shows, but you do not see me do a lot of interviews. Most of what I have to say comes off as garbage. This is what I do. I am really moving forward with this discovery.

Standing will keep proving tot he world to believe the truth in the existence of Sasquatch. He dares anyone to prove him wrong. Through his years of research, he has reasonable doubt that everything is real about Bigfoot. Standing cares and enjoys finding different discoveries in the wilderness. Check out Discovering Bigfoot  currently available on Netflix.




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