Greenleaf’s Lovie Simone

Love is a part of all young adults minds. It acts like a drug to them. They just have to have it. At least this what they think. Lovie Simone plays Zora Greenleaf on OWN’s Greenleaf and her character has an issue with learning to love herself and looks for love in negative environments.

ATM: What is your take on how your character has transformed throughout the seasons compared to any other character in your age group on the show? How do you feel about your character’s behavior?

LS:  It is relatable. These are real things teens are going through. Zora is going through so much at one time. A lot of people can identify themselves with these situations. It is difficult to play a character who has a lot of things going on.

ATM: Why do you feel real church families at this high level cover up the truth about their teenager? Why do we always see the family or teen’s problems perfected or overshadowed?

LS: The children’s problems always comes second in society. You can see how this creates more problems. Adults get caught up with the things they are doing. They need to take the time to check on their children. We do not see Grace or Sophia talking about this sort of stuff. There is a lack of communication between Zora and her parents. This is why she is acting out.

ATM: How do you believe the church affects parenting?

LS: This family has so much going on and they are the head of everything. They are the poster card for what a church family should look like. This creates a pressure to put on a pseudo for people to show perfection. The Bishop feels everything has to look perfect because they are a public figure. There are so many limited routes and pressure.

ATM: What does “human” even mean to a person in your character’s shoes in which their world is classified and surrounded about church?

LS: Being human is about allowing one to find their meaning in life. Also, to find out their calling in life. You are likely to rebel when you are of a church family or a preacher’s kid. You are used to living a specific way. This opens up the door of curiosity for them. If you keep telling a kid, not to cross the fence, then soon they will cross the fence.

ATM: Is there any knowledge you want to give your character?

LS: I would tell her to realize self-worth. She needs to pay attention to love languages. People love how they want to be loved. Zora needs to find someone that loves her.

ATM: Do you feel your character’s dad correctly handled the domestic violence?

LS: She needs to listen to her family and cousin. Zora is dealing with more intense situations. She wants to rebel and do things her way. They are looking out for her in all good intentions.

ATM: Does your character even understand the definitions of being a woman?

LS: No. She does not know how to compromise things within herself. She does not know how to prioritize. You have to know how to put yourself first when you are a woman. No matter what how hard things are.

ATM: What kind of love do you feel she is actually searching for? Love with a significant other? Self-love?

LS: Oh gosh. She is looking for any kind of internal love. Zora has not found it within yet. This is why she is chasing this guy. She may have started chasing him. It is really trying to find this love. It can only be found within yourself. This is why she is so unhappy and keep having issues. Why not? Why do not trust yourself and have this situation change your whole life? This does not even make sense.

ATM: Why do you feel all young adults have to or end up going through this phrase?

LS: Every young adult had a relationship or tried to find happiness in someone else that is not in them. I hope not. This is what makes their actions seem radical or spontaneous. This is why young love is not young love at all. It is just young people trying to find themselves with the other.

ATM: They think it will last forever once getting together.

LS: Exactly. Most of the characters are trying to peace. When you are trying to find peace outside of yourself it creates chaos. This is what the show is about.

ATM: But how do you find peace when amongst people with issues?

LS: Exactly.

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