Homestead Entertainment Hit Record Breaking of 17 Movie Releases this Sasturday on Tubi

Partnerships with Dame Dash Studios, Triwen Productions, CBA Films, and more lead the way in this weekend of film releases. Homestead Entertainment is closing the 2021 year with a movie slate of seventeen all-new movie premieres through Tubi. December 17-19, 2021, will kick off the Holiday Movie Binge for movie watchers. Seventeen films will release this weekend that range from Horror to Faith Based films. Highlighting the various aspects of life and intersecting where viewers can experience the multifaceted lives of characters is the focus of the company.

Record Breaking Releases
Record Breaking Releases

Just In Time For Christmas:

Ayanna Shon’s Christmas Hypnosis is the first Christmas movie from Homestead Entertainment and will release this weekend on Tubi.

Dennis L. Reed II Productions:

Paper Heart directed by Dennis L. Reed II introduces more actors such as Don Brumfield, from Viacom’s Black Ink Chicago in this adaptation of the award-winning book by Keisha Ervin.

Dame Dash Studios:

Dame Dash will release three movies for this holiday kick off, The 1 Closest To You, Pieces of a Dream and Frenemies.

Faith Based Film:

Changes, produced by Triwen Productions led by co-founders Charnele Brown and Andre Pitre releases this inspirational and triumphant story of a person’s sheer will to make it.

December 18- 19, 2021 the following titles will debut on Tubi:


Pieces of a Dream




Paper Heart

Birds of a Feather 2

When Does It Stop

Ayanna Shon’s Christmas Hypnosis

9 Stacks

Bigger Than the Game


Terror Night

3 Keys

The 1 Closest 2 U

Home on the Road


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